Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Swordfish Aquatics. If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use.

Payment Policy

  1. Payment cards for the preceding month will be issued at the end of every month.
  2. Lesson fee must be paid by the 1st week of the preceding month.
  3. Payment is to be made in cash or cheque.
  4. Fees paid are non-transferable to another student.
  5. There shall be no pro-rated payments. Students having own agenda and not able to be present for lesson(s) on stipulated dates in the term will still have to pay fees in full.
  6. No pro-rated payment at any point of time and no refund or reimbursement after payment is made.
  7. There will only be 4 classes a month.. Instructors will remind students accordingly if there are no lessons due to public holidays or any other circumstances.
  8. Students and parents are requested to keep your contact number(s) *(preferably mobile phone numbers), email & home addresses updated at least for the period of time you are learning with us.
  9. Kindly inform the Aquatic Manager/ Coordinator if there is any changes in your personal particulars.

Make-up Lessons

  1. There will be no make-up lessons or compensation of any sort for:
    1. Absenteeism
    2. Late-coming
    3. Cancellations due to unforseen events
    4. Pool closures due to inclement weather
    5. Scheduled weekly lesson falls on a public holiday

Termination Policy

  1. A month’s notice must be given to Swordfish Aquatics for termination of services through writing. Fees paid at the time of notice will not be refunded.
  2. No refunds will be made in the event of termination halfway through the term.

Important Information

  1. Swordfish Aquatics is only a provider of Swimming and Lifesaving instruction.
  2. Swordfish Aquatics shall not be held liable for any claims arising from mishap, injury, accident, incident, loss (whether direct, consequential, or otherwise) and/or any consequential damages as a result of any lessons conducted.
  3. Swordfish Aquatics reserve the right to deny enrolment into our courses if the student is found to be unable/unfit to participate in the activities conducted.
  4. Group classes will only commence if the minimum number of students for the class is achieved.
  5. There may be additional costs to be borne by the student. These costs will be made known to the student prior to the conduct of the course. Costs include:
    1. Test fees
    2. Purchase or replacement of personal swimming equipment (For learn-to-swim, it is compulsory to purchase kickboards, swim caps and pool noodles (where applicable) from Swordfish Aquatics to ensure uniformity).
    3. Pool entrance fees