Lifesaving 1, 2 & 3

Lifesaving 123 is a prerequisite for the Bronze Medallion, which is the minimum requirement to certify an individual as a Lifeguard in Singapore. The focus of the class is on basic water skills, basic strokes, and deep water orientation. The foundation for learning is set with the basics of water safety and land-based non-contact rescue.

Lifesaving 1

  • Build up your water confidence.
  • Basic water skills like floating, submerging, breathing techniques, Reaching Rescue, Buoyant Aid Rescue, and Wade Rescue.
  • Swim any basic stroke, e.g. Freestyle or Breaststroke. You’ll be able to comfortably swim 100 meters to pass the exam.

Lifesaving 2

  • Introduction to basic CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation.
  • Rescue in emergency situations, with uncooperative casualties, tow rescue, and rope rescue.
  • Swim any recognized stroke for 150 meters comfortably.

Lifesaving 3

  • Tread water without using your arms, scull water with arms only, the Ready Position, and rescue an unconscious casualty (breathing and non-breathing).
  • Emergency rescue, underwater recovery, defensive and release techniques, and fully-clothed emergency rescue.
  • Swim 200 meters in two recognized strokes.

Lifesaving 1, 2 & 3


Per Course

  • Lifesaving 123 is to provide an introduction to lifesaving and to develop an initial appreciation of water safety, rescue and resuscitation skills. to improve trainee’s knowledge and skills in lifesaving preparatory to the Standard Module. This Module prepares the trainees to respond effectively in water emergencies to the standards required of a qualified lifesaver. By attaining this module, you will become a certified lifesaver and will be able to proceed for the Bronze Medallion certification to qualified as a Lifeguard.
  • 6 lessons
  • 2 hours per lesson
  • Fees inclusive of course materials and usage of equipment, and one examination