At SWORDFISH Aquatics, we believed that swim instruction is based on the motor skills of swimming (kicking, stroking, and rhythmic breathing). In addition, and more importantly, we feel that our swimmers need to mentally understand the properties of water; the how’s and why’s. We feel it is paramount to develop the whole person mentally and physically. Understanding the properties of water helps the swimmer with the readiness to swim.

This is why our participants, in addition to learning personal safety, stroke technique, and rescue skills, also learn how we float, why we need to have certain body positions, why we breathe rhythmically, how we achieve balance in the water, and why we need to feel the water; just to name a few of the things we teach. But it’s not all work! We’ve taken our time in selecting the most competent instructors, who we then train to introduce these concepts in fun and imaginative ways!


 SWORDFISH Lifesaving

Whether you are searching for a lifeguard to watch over your resident or organization swimming pools or a lifesaving course instructor to coach your children how to become a lifesaver, SWORDFISH Aquatics is your best service provider.

Drowning incidents in condominium pools and seaside are unfortunate events that can be prevented. SWORDFISH Aquatics aims to promote lifesaving skills to the general public, where people swim to save lives.

We provide  a wide array of comprehensive lifesaving training courses certified by Singapore Life Saving Society (SLSS).  Equipped with the knowledge and techniques to perform aquatic rescue, our professionally certified students move on to become either full-time or part-time lifeguards, contributing to the safety needs of the swimming community.

Lifesaving has rapidly emerged as an essential aquatic skill in Singapore.  This water-skill proficiency when acquired help build individual’s self-confidence, physical and mental endurance as well as inculcate the values of respect for human lives.